Monday, 30 April 2012

FY12 Dress Distribution #3 - 30 Dresses & 20 shorts for the children of Mumbai India

As mentioned earlier, 30 T-shirt dresses and 20 pairs of shorts left for Mumbai India yesterday morning for the Anugrah home for Children at Ambarnath Maharashtra.  This collection was quite a challenge to collect as it is a culture in India not to wear open dresses so it was either I send pillowcase dresses to wear with T-shirts underneath or just to send dresses with sleeves. Luckily, I was able to raise 30 dresses with sleeves.
Most of these dresses and pairs of shorts, if not all are between the sizes of 5 to 12. They all are one size bigger than the children to allow them to wear the dresses for a longer period of time. My heartfelt thanks to the following donors for making this distribution happen :
1. Deidre Parker
2. i-craft i-sew
3. The Sewing Library
4. Sherry
5. Sandra Hart
6. Katherine Nott
7. Erin from Canberra
8. Becs Bags
9. Dress A Girl Australia

If you want to be involved in Dress A Girl Australia's campaign to dress disadvantaged girls and boys around the world and need more information, please send an email to

"Imagine a world where every girl owned at least one dress and what if that dress were made by you".

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