Monday, 9 April 2012

More Fabric Cuts from Donated Materials

Today is the last day of the long weekend and still have a lot of catching up to do including packing two parcels for distribution but my sister has accomplished a lot . Here is the second batch of fabrics she cut up for pillowcase dresses from donated materials. In between pottery making(her latest 'baby') she cuts Dress A Girl Australia's fabrics so it is easy for me to sew or create kits. These are from her latest cuttings  which I picked up from her house last Saturday - and look at the way she packed them up - tied with strings by size
8 fabric cuts  for Size 6
13 fabric cuts for Size 7
25 fabric cuts for Size 8
Several panels useable for T-shirt dresses and possibly 2 cuts for a size 4 dresses. 
That is 48 fabric cuts all in all for 48 girls around the world in addition to the first batch of 28. Hopefully by the end of this week my sister would have finished cutting all the fabrics I have received so far including those that are meant for pairs of shorts. I also gave her about 5 metres of special  breast cancer fabrics which I bought about 4 years ago as a donation when I was on a US holiday. My holiday trips to the US always means a luggage half-full of fabrics on my way back. 

When these are all done my spare room would look more organized and clean and I can easily select any fabric I want to sew or to make into kits whether for a pillowcase dress or a pair of shorts anytime during the day, week, weekend and/or month.

Thank you Joan!

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