Saturday, 7 April 2012

Interesting conversation with my mother

My mum rang me this morning to let me know that a family friend died yesterday.  Then we started chatting about a lot of small things that have happened or happening, what to bring for our family Easter lunch tomorrow and then the subject of Dress A Girl Australia came up. 

My mum : Where can I buy pillowcases and fabrics because I think I am going to start sewing dresses
(She was very amused with the images in the calendar I gave her of children from all over the world wearing the same type of dresses now she wants to join and make dresses herself. I gave her the only wall copy (and literally the only copy ever) of the Dress A Girl calendar I made) 

Me: I could give you some to sew.
(The first ten dollars I spent on fabrics actually came from her.)

My mum: No I want to buy my own. And when the dresses are done, I want you to send it to a special location
(This location is very close to her heart because this is where she was born. It is another two hours away from the city of Cagayan de Oro, Phils where I was born.)

Me: That place relies on the postal services from the city so that would mean the cost to send the parcel over there will really be very expensive. To comply with your request (I said jokingly) you will have to pay for the postage

And she agreed! So now I have a new campaigner in my mother. Welcome to Dress A Girl Australia, Jolly Nelly! 

I guess it is my mother's small way of saying thank you to the world for giving her a very good life and wants to share something back by providing dresses to the less fortunate children in her native birthplace. My Dad would have been very proud of her and would have even offered to do the packing and sending or even volunteered to travel and handcarry the dresses if he was still with us. My Dad was the most kind and compassionate person I have ever known in my entire life and we still miss him even though he has left this world almost five years ago. He was always a happy person and I believe had a very fulfilled life.

Thank you to my mummy for supporting a very worthwhile cause. And watch this space to see the dresses she will be making.

Since I started Dress A Girl Australia, I met and made connections with a lot of people and the first thing they always say to me is that they always wanted to help, share something to the world but they did not know what to do or how to do it and where to talk to about it. Well, Dress A Girl Australia is here to help you help other people and if you agree with my mother, then come and join us in this campaign of dressing the less fortunate girls around the world. For more information about this campaign, please send an email to

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