Monday, 2 April 2012

Donation Acknowledgements FY2012 #29 - Bundles of Fabrics from Linda's Friend

Donation #29 to Dress A Girl Australia's cause is from a friend of Linda Smyth who gave her bundles of fabrics and agreed to donate it to Dress A Girl Australia.
My sister was able to make 6 pillowcase dress kits out of these bundles : 
                            Size 8 = 2 kits
                            Size 7 = 2 kits
                            Size 6 = 2 kits
From the remaining fabric cuttings, two lengths of fabrics measuring about 10" x 36" was also cut which can be used as skirts for 2 t-shirt dresses. She was also able to salvage or cut 28 pieces of 8" x 8" block of squares which can be used for pockets on the dress kits and other dresses which would need pockets. Trust my assistant for being able to maximize the most that she can get out of the bundles. :-)

To Linda's friend, thank you so much for the bundles of fabrics. It is very much appreciated. 

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