Saturday, 14 December 2013

2 dresses today bringing my total to 153

Woohoo!! I am back to sewing. The last time I made a dress was in June when I made Dress #151. In the beginning of the year I started a One-dress a day campaign for 365 days. My second attempt as last year (2012) I stopped on the third month (March). Well, this year at least I made it to June but there were days when I missed sewing a dress. My last dress was made on Day 164 but since there were days I could not do some sewing I only managed to make 151 dresses. 13 short. By the way, none of these 151 dresses were included in this year's distributions as I gave priority to all the dresses donated. All of these 151 dresses will be given priority when I restart distributions in April of next year.

Today, I did 2 dresses and I hope to be able to do more before the month of December ends.
The fabrics of these 2 t-shirt dresses and the t-shirts were donated by Betty Barrett. Betty was trying to help me with one dress a day by sending me pre-cut fabrics and all I had to do was sew but still I could not manage to sit down and do some sewing.

To Betty, thank you so much for the fabric and t-shirt materials. I think I still have about 3 to make which am planning to do in the coming days. I hope to make it to at least 200 dresses before the year ends. Thank you so much.

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