Sunday, 8 December 2013

Imagine the possibilities

Ok I am sure a lot of you would be annoyed with what I will be doing in the next few weeks to help raise funds for Dress A Girl Australia. 2013 is done and I am now starting my plans and activities for 2014 so you probably will be seeing a lot of postings of items that I want to sell to raise money for postage and also for the Dress A Girl Australia well. If I raise a lot of money, it will not be to benefit myself but will benefit everyone who donates dresses to make a difference and the children who will be receiving the dresses.

Anyway, when I saw these charms two years ago I was not really sure on what to do with it but knowing me I bought a few sets. Something might pop up in the future on how to make use of it. Now under a bit of pressure to raise funds for the Dress A Girl well as I really want this project to be a success in 2014, I did come up with something. A sewing pin. A charm bracelet could have been good but I could not find a bracelet that can easily match the golden colours of the charms (golden colours not reflected on the picture) but I found a tape measure charm with holes to hang charms. So here is what I ended up with.  Imagine the possibilities of a spool of thread or yarn, a pincushion, a thimble, a pair of scissors, a tape measure and a sewing machine. Imagine the possibilities of creations coming from the heart symbolized by these charms and limited only by one's imagination. Imagine the number of dresses that one can make just by looking at this pin.
A great gift for someone who seems to have everything and can be pass on to generations. I made six sets and only 2 are left and the chances that I would be able to make more is kind of nil at this stage as all 5 charms seems to be difficult to source but I have not lost hope. I am still looking. I am making another type of pin but only with 3 charms not the 5 as displayed above.

The sewing pin comes in a tin with dotted cover unfortunately. It sells for $20.00 + postage of $5.25 (total $25.25). So if anyone is interested, please contact me at or you can purchase the item directly from dress a girl shop here. You can wear it (there is a pin solidly adhered at the back), you can keep it in your cabinet, you can carry it with you in your bag, the possibilities are endless. You have a choice of donating the proceeds of this item to either Dress A Girl Australia's postage fund or Dress A Girl Australia well to provide clean water to the people of Kalagi Uganda. Just let me know by stating your preference in the comment section upon checkout.

I hope you will like it and make a purchase. Proceeds from the sale of the item is going to a very worthwhile cause. No admin fees, no misc fees. If you find it too expensive you do not have to buy. I cannot issue receipts for cash donations so perhaps buying items from my shop will help. At least you get something back for the money you are donating. In this case, you get a rare and unique sewing pin in exchange for a $20 dollar donation. No one is put at a disadvantaged. Well I might be paying tax for the $20 income but it does not matter. Check it out here

Thanks guys! Please help spread the word around.

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