Saturday, 14 December 2013

Sale #4 - Soy Candles for Kalagi Uganda

Another lucky day. These cute candelina jar soy candles were bought today by a very good friend of Dress A Girl Australia who shall remain nameless for the simple reason that these candles were bought to give as Christmas presents to recipients who could possibly be likers of Dress A Girl Australia. It would destroy the excitement of opening a gift at Christmas day if the recipients happen to read this posting and find out it is for them. It is better to be safe. :-)
Thank you so much for helping provide a clean water to the people of Kalagi Uganda through your purchase of these soy candles. It is 'soy' very much appreciated. Thank you.

If you still are looking for christmas presents for that someone special in your life, please drop by Dress A Girl Australia's e-shop. Please make a purchase if there is anything you like. It is going to a very good cause. Thank you.

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