Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Bags #6 to #10 - Christmas Bags and assorted goodies from various donors

I think this is the highlight of the day. Christmas bags and softies #6 to #10 from various donors. I would tend to think that the christmas goodies below would be the last goodies for Christmas or with a christmas motive. And that next week I will be back focusing on my task of completing the sorting and the packing and send off the parcels.
And a wholehearted thank you to the following donors for helping make Dress A Girl Australia's christmas bags for the children of CDO Philippines really possible. Here are the last individual donations for 2013 Christmas bags -

From Monika Osvald - 34 bags and assortment of goodies (sorry, Monika, some of these items I have packed last night and I forgot to count. Well, I did start to count but didnt write down where/when I stopped)
Kay Innes - 6 bags,  9 softies and a pack of toy koalas
Elaine Klein - 19 bags and 2 pencil rolls
Carolyn Watson - 20 bags and 7 'eager to go' softies
and Sarah Tanmahapran - 4 bags
Thank you so much everyone including those who donated earlier. Thank you for making Christmas a very positive experience for the children of CDO Philippines. Heaps of thanks!

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