Monday, 9 December 2013

Personalised Letters from Santa

If the number of likers of a facebook page is a genuine indication that people really like your page and what you are doing, then I think Dress A Girl Australia is in trouble. Since I posted the article on no more distributions for this year and posting articles on stuff that I sell, a few likers have dropped out and I expect more to drop out after this posting. :-)

I dont think anyone knows that I have an online shop called Soft Treasures since 2005. The money I earned from the shop I used to finance my craft hobbies and my travelling to acquire and learn new craft stuff. It still exist as an on-line shop but since I went back to full-time job after taking a couple of years off I have not been very actively updating it but it does have lots and lots of good stuff some you cannot easily find here in Australia. I have a lot of boxes in my garage of unsold supplies which I sell every now and then when I need money for Dress A Girl Australia. 

Dress A Girl Australia is a self-funded charity work. I do not ask for cash donations from anyone although there are a few very generous donors who sincerely find it in their hearts to help financially and do not ask for receipts and I am very grateful to these few people. I keep all my postage receipts to give to them in case they needed it. Since I started Dress A Girl Australia, all the money I earned from selling supplies I have donated all of it to fund the cost of distributing dresses to different locations around the world. I use the supplies to handmake things to sell in my online store or whenever Dreamers Markets have a scheduled market day. I get provided with a free stall which really helps a lot. I do not ask for money from people who donate dresses that is why sometimes I feel very upset if I receive emails with uncalled for comments. These people do not know what I do to make a difference and help other people make a difference. Am glad I am very well trained to handle pressure and how to manage strange people from the corporate world I am able to deal with these in running Dress A Girl Australia. I will keep on doing what I am doing and not bother whether people approve of it or not.

Anyway, I have come up with another product which I used to do and sell at Christmas time. A personalized letter of Santa for that special little boy or girl in your life. Each letter contains personalized information based upon any first name, age, gender, address and best friend. Each Christmas letter comes with an envelope with a North Pole postmark. You can have them framed, put them in a special personalised can or roll them and put inside a test-tube bottle...lots of possibilities to make it a perfect keepsake.
It is not too late to order yet. All you have to do is provide me with a child's nameagegenderaddressbest friend's name or if you prefer the child's brothers and/or sisters name if applicable by filling up the Personalised letter information form. I can addressed the envelope to your child directly or can put the child's letter and envelope inside an envelope addressed to you for you to give to the child. Any purchase of this item will in a small way help a child own at least one dress.

The personalised letter sells for $5.00 plus postage of $1.80. To purchase, please click hereTo fill up the form for details of personalisation, please click hereTo see samples of letters, please click here for style 1, click here for style 2 and click here for style 3. You also have 6 choices for the background of the letter.

For more information, please send an email to

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