Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Brads for Sale

Lately I have been re-opening a few parcels in my garage to check out what I can sell for next year's funds. In addition to my weekend market adventures I used to sell arts and craft supplies to fund my craft hobbies. Or picked up a few items and stashed them away in case I would need it.

One of the parcels I re-opened are for people who are into scrapbooking and/or cardmaking. I liked these brads so much that I bought a few boxes during my cardmaking days. I still have a few left and am selling them hoping that I will be able to raise a few dollars to help with the printing of labels and stamps for the new year 2014. Am selling the first packet of 1 santa brad and 1 candy cane for $2.70 which already includes $1.20 for the stamp to send the items and the second packet with 2 santa brads and 1 candy cane for $3.20 also including postage.

On the image below you will find a sample of how I made use of the brads. These will make great christmas photo cards or a page in a scrapbook you are making for Christmas.
Have a look and a think and for interested parties, please let me know by sending an email to so I can give you the details for payment. I hope to post these items in the dress a girl shop this weekend. Help spread these items around to your family and/or friends who are cards and scrapbook enthusiasts. Thanks everyone.

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