Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Packing #4 for the children of Australia - from the men at work

Not from the band but from my male work colleagues. They were the reason why I had to wait till today to send my parcel but look at what they came up with. I cant leave it behind -
To Vlad, Munich and Vincent, thank you so much. Thank you for helping keep the spirit of Christmas alive especially for the disadvantaged kiddies. It is much appreciated.

And here are the 2 parcels I posted late this afternoon for Wagga NSW. A photo-finish
sent off with the postoffice about to close and the Australia post van almost ready to leave with their collection of the day. Whew! I was practically running so the van can take along my 2 parcels as it takes at least 3 days for mails to arrive in Wagga and not possible for me to take to work to post at lunchtime tomorrow so the parcels had to go today. 
So my parcels left with the van with 50 soft toys (10 more), 30 dresses, 7-t-shirts,4 shirts, 7 pairs of shorts and about 18 pairs of boys undies all for children under 3. I did not send any undies for the girls as I could not find any girls undies for below 3. I practically opened all plastic bags with undies but I could not believe there was none. Since it was almost midnight (maybe I was not seeing the size numbers right) and I still needed to pack the boxes I decided to stop looking and not send any. Went to bed at 1am and had only about 5 hours of sleep as I wanted to go to work early so I can leave early to post the parcels. And I made it and all's well that ends well.

More details on the contents of the parcels (i.e. donors) to be published soon.

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