Thursday, 12 December 2013

Toys for a Toy Appeal project at work

It probably is just my imagination that the box for the toy appeal at work is always empty that I decided to bring a toy today and another one tomorrow.  The box is located right next to the lift and everytime I get in and/or out of the lift I would look at the box and I dont see anything on it. My friend would ask 'where are the donations?'. LOL! I was thinking maybe the person in charge is just too efficient and gets the donated items every hour before the box gets filled up but I really dont think so because there was a day this week where I took the lift almost 8 times and I did not see any item inside the box. Perhaps  the people still can not feel the Christmas atmosphere at work? Still cannot feel the Christmas spirit of sharing? Or just cannot be bothered.

Someone saw me put the toy in the box at lunchtime today (the toy in front of the picture) and she said to me 'What a nice thing to do.' I wanted to say to her, how about putting one too. :-) These 2 toys are not really new. They belong to my nephews who are way too old to play with these items these days and I dont think they really played with it as they still look brand new. I collected them for a second chance toy project at work a couple of years ago but did not make it to the cut-off. 
I kept them in my garage all this time. I was thinking of donating them to a day care centre as that was what the second chance toy project was all about but didnt have the time to look for a daycare centre worth giving it to. So now it is time for them to be given away. Tomorrow I will be carrying with me the school box you can also see on the picture. There are 3 more of these type of toys but I think they need batteries so unless I am able to secure new batteries I cannot donate them. Am sure these 2 will bring joy to 2 kids anywhere in the world as the toy appeal is for a project of the group around the world.

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