Monday, 9 December 2013

Packing #1 for the children of Australia

Less than 24 hours after I made my statement that there will be no more dress distributions for the year, I am about to start packing for around 40 children under the age of 3 for the Riverina/Murray playgroup. I am always excited when what I do is for the children of this community. Took me almost 2 years of making contacts with different groups of people when I finally got a chance to make a difference with the kiddies of Wilcannia. Now am about to provide gifts to the kiddies of Riverina/Murray. So happy that I found someone who is such a great help. 

Here are some stuff that will be going to them in addition to some clothes and tomorrow I will be making my rounds at work to get some support from them. It is Christmas and we are into the season of giving. This will be my intro. :-)  I always like it when they respond with 'Yeah right Gigi'. Then the question of 'Will you do the shopping for us?' How can I say no. Lucky me I live about 8 minutes away from K-mart. :-)
Another 40 kiddies having a special Christmas thru the kindness and generosity of everyone. By the way, I bought these mini teddy bear softies at $2.00 each at K-mart using my flybuys points. I specifically went to K-mart to ask how many points I have collected and this is what I got after I converted them into dollars. Before I used to snub my flybuys. Whenever they asked me at the counter if I had a flybuys card I would say no even if I had one as I could not be bothered taking it out from my wallet but now I am the biggest fan. I used it all the time for charity. I activate every offer they send where you get more points when you shop on weekends even if I dont have plans to go shopping. Sometimes you get 500 points just for shopping on weekends at Coles. It benefits me because I do my shopping on weekends.
Thanks to flybuys, I get to give 10 mini teddybear softies to 10 kiddies in Riverina/Murray playgroup.

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