Saturday, 14 December 2013

Charm Bracelets for Charity

Reviving my charm bracelet product line to help me raise funds for the Dress A Girl Australia well to provide clean water for the people of Kalagi Uganda. Once I have reached my goal, proceeds from sale of these items will be donated to Dress A Girl Australia's postage fund to help pay for the cost of sending dresses to different locations around the world.

I have 3 types of charm bracelets. One is the 'Girls best friend'. The second one is 'Imagine the possibilities and the third one is for the environment 'Be Green'.
(1) 'Girl's best friend' comes with a dress, stilleto heels, a girl, a bag and a sandal charms plus a bonus of a 'peace' charm.
(2) The 'Imagine the possibilities' are for sewing enthusiasts. The bracelet comes with a pair of scissors, sewing machine, tape measure, buttons, a single letter of the alphabet and on this particular charm is for letter H for hope and a bonus 'peace' charm.
(3) The third one which is the 'Be Green' comes with a recycle, butterfly, mushroom, tree, bird and a globe. All about saving the environment.
All bracelets are about 19cms (about 7.5") long which is the average size of a ladies' wrist.
For the first 25 customers, each bracelet purchase will come with a heart-shaped hinged tin. I had these tins for years but only 25 left though. Not sure if I can still sourced this item at this size and at the same price I bought it about 5 years ago. Actually I was trying to look for an item that is easy to sell in ebay because I was thinking I might send an extra parcel to the Philippines and the parcel would probably cost me about $60 to $80 dollars to send instead I found a box which had these inside. I wanted to sell something if I want to send an extra parcel as I didnt want to touch what I have started to save for next year. I did mention earlier that I used to sell arts and craft supplies to finance my craft hobbies but had neglected it when I went back to full-time job.

So if you purchase now you might be one of the lucky 25 who will get a free heart-shaped hinged tin. To check out these items, please click here. Each charm bracelet cost $10.00 plus postage of $1.80. I dont think you will find these charm bracelet combinations easily as they are a product of my imagination.

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