Friday, 13 December 2013

My flowering yucca on Friday the 13th

This article has nothing to do with Dress A Girl Australia but might help bring luck to my world. When I came home today, the first thing I saw in my frontyard was my flowering yucca on a Friday the 13th. Am sure the flowers were not there early this week as I usually watch them so I can take another snapshot.  Also I read somewhere that if yuccas grow  a bunch of flowers it means luck so I never miss checking them out in case I do get really lucky. :-)  
(By the way, before I started Dress A Girl Australia I used to blog about my garden and my yuccas and succulents. I hope to go back and continue to blog about the living creatures in my front and backyard as it is the only way I can have another chance of a well-maintained garden. It has really been neglected for more than a year now. Besides I enjoy watching my plants grow and then die when I dont bother about them. take pictures when they are very much alive and when they have wilted.)
Hopefully this flowering yucca will bring me good luck in the next few months until it starts to grow flowers again. Usually the flowers last for about 2 weeks only and then it withers.
And since I stopped blogging about my garden (almost a year now) look at how a section of my frontyard garden now looks like. To think that I want to put up solar christmas lights in the next few days I need to have it cleaned and dead grass removed or is it too late. The other-half of this picture is even worst. Two months ago my brother made a remark of 'what happened to your garden. you used to have a nice little garden.' LOL!
I think this is the only nice part of my frontyard now which lights up at night especially if the sun really shines during the day as it charges my christmas solar lights.
Well, I hope by this time some of you are starting to know who I really am based on my blog postings, what my likes and dislikes are, start to know the person behind Dress A Girl Australia after almost 2 years of running the campaign through images of my garden. I think these pictures are a good start of getting to know the real me. :-)

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