Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Soy Candles for Charity

Since I will not be busy with sorting and packing for the next 3-4 months although I still would be doing my regular task of acknowledging dress donations whenever I receive parcels , I will be writing about the products I will be selling in 2014 to help raise money for postage, boxes and boxes to use for packing, packing tapes and sometimes even customs fees and..... if someone makes a purchase, how much I have raise. It will be an open book even though there is no need for it. What I would do is whoever makes a purchase will be given the option to specify where they want the proceeds of the items they purchased to go to. Whether they want it to go to the postage fund or to the Dress A Girl well although the Dress A Girl well is temporary until such time that the money needed to raise a well has been reached. I think it makes me feel more comfortable if I sell items to raise funds. At least for some they get something out of their money and at the same time help disadvantaged children around the world. It is a win-win for all and does not cause any inconveniences. Selling more of my handmade products is part of my 2014 plans and activities for Dress A Girl Australia.

Soy candles will be my main product next year to raise money for postage as they are easy to make. If you are into candle burning or if you know of anyone who is into candle burning, please check my soy candle products.  If you are wondering if I know how to make candles, yes I know how to make candles but only made of soy. I have been making and selling candles for 2 years about 6 years ago and stopped when I went back to full time job. Also I was able to save enough money to buy a table top kiln my time then got deviated to playing around with my kiln and making small pendants. I even used to sell soy candle kits. Specialty of the house were the candelina jar candles, tealights and travel tins. My sister helped in making them she also used to help make soy melts.

Check out these products especially if you are not familiar yet with candles made of soy. These are handpoured from my kitchen and very environmentally friendly. 
When you buy products from my shop you are actually always hitting at least 2 birds with one stone. For soy candles, you are helping save the environment and also making disadvantaged children happy by providing them with handmade dresses they can call their own. Except for the big soy jar candles I call the soy biggies, the sizes of the candelina jars are small enough to take anywhere with you especially for those who can't seem to go anywhere without bringing a candle to light with them. Soy travel tins are so soy-convenient to carry around too.

Soy candles……soy.. why not check them out and if you are into candle lighting make a purchase. It is for a very good cause. Please click here to check them out. And please help spread the word around. From the soy candles page, you can also learn a lot about soy candles, burning times and burning guide. Remember, burning a candle is a be safe!

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