Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A good question to ask when deciding whether to donate or not.

For one who wants to sew a dress or a pair of shorts to donate, I think this is a good question to ask when looking at the clothing you just made. If I were asked to wear the dress or pair of shorts would I wear it? Would I go out, hop, jump, run and walk around wearing the dress or pair of shorts? Would you like to see your child wearing it? If you can answer a 'YES' to all of the questions, then you are meeting the guidelines on how to make a dress. If you cannot, then I do not really know why you are still making it into something. Is it just for the sake of donating a dress? To keep you busy perhaps? A few of the dresses and/pairs of shorts I received even had big stains on the fabrics so I wish I knew what was on people's mind why they would want other people to wear it and not them. It annoys me to see these kind of donations. We give them something new to wear to at least make a difference to the life they are so used to . Why give them something to wear with a stain? It does not make it any different from what they are already used to wearing. I hope people would think about this the way I think about it and you will understand why I keep on insisting on guidelines and why I am rejecting some donations. Thank you.

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