Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Dress Distribution #77 (Charity Drive #7) - For Destiny Faith Ministries Uganda

Charity Drive #7 for Destiny Faith Ministries in Uganda is Dress Distribution #77. These three parcels will be posted to Julie Jones who will take charge of the distribution when she visits Uganda.
Here are the three parcels which contains 177 dresses and a few undies -
and here are the contents of the parcels -
made possible by the following donors -
1) Karina Tomlinson
2) Virginia Smith
3) Linda Smyth
4) Alexandria Achievers, Australian Sewing Guild organized by Jennifer Kearns
5) Members of All Saints Parish, South Hobart organized by Suzanne Nixon
6) Elaine Klein
7) Sian McIntosh
8) Tannis Brennan
9) Ladies of QCWA WIllows Branch organized by Jacqui Piper 
10) Wollongong Group Australian Sewing Guild
11) Sharyn Cafee
12) Betty Barrett/Betty Paull
13) Nicole Devet by Dress A Girl Australia
14) Jenni Kirillov on behalf of her mum by Dress A Girl Australia
15) Millhouse Collections by Dress A Girl Australia
16) Eliza Leahy
17) Renade Fulton
18) Toni Renn
19) Lyn Granger
20) Maryann Conway
21) Michelle Cornish
22) Lou Lu
23) Janine Steedman
24) Catherine Jenkins
25) Heather Capell
26) Mo O'Brien
27) Jayne Hogan

To see larger images of the contents of these parcels, please click here. For more details on this distribution (and also at a later stage when feedback is received).please click here or click on the special 'Dress Distribution' tab which you can find at the top of this page.

A big thank you to all the donors who made Project Uganda (Destiny Faith Ministries) a huge success and made these parcels possible. Your kindness and generosity is much appreciated. And thank you to Julie Jones for giving us the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of a few teens in Uganda.

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