Saturday, 6 September 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#123 to #127 - Dresses & Tshirts from Catherine, Dresses from Janine, Elaine, Maryann and Lyn

This is the second group of donation acknowledgements for the month of September. Parcels of dresses & t-shirts from Catherine Jenkins, Janine Steedman, Elaine Klein, Maryann Conway and Lyn Granger. For dresses with lengths of more than 80cms (32") regardless of the sleeves of the dresses were allocated to Project Uganda (Destiny Faith Ministries).

1) Donation #123 is from Catherine Jenkins who sent in 2 parcels. Parcel #1 was a donation of 48 t-shirts for the boys. 28 of these t-shirts are going to be included in the parcel for Project Hope Burma (Oct 2014 Delivery)
Parcel #2 included 12 dresses and 9 school bags for the "Education without borders" 2015 project (School Supplies #7) -
2) Donation #124 is a parcel of  10 dresses from Janine Steedman all allocated to Project Uganda -
3) Donation #125 is a dress from Maryann Conway of Kiama Downs who is also a friend of Lyn Granger who is a regular donor and supporter of the Dress  A Girl campaign. Maryann contributes to the cost of postage for parcels that Lyn sends to Dress A Girl Australia.  Dress was allocated to Project Uganda -
4) Donation #126 is a packet of two dresses from Lyn Granger. Both dresses have been allocated to Project Uganda -
5) Donation #127 is a parcel of 10 dresses and undies from Elaine Klein. The six dresses and undies have been allocated to Project Uganda -
My heartfelt thank you to Catherine, Janine, Elaine, Maryann and Lyn for these wonderful dresses. Thank you all for your kindness and generosity. It is much appreciated.

With the above donations where some have been allocated to Project Uganda, total count of dresses for Project Uganda (Destiny Faith Ministries) as of this writing is 143. Thank you so much.

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