Thursday, 4 September 2014

New handmade cards for fundraising

Sometimes I kind of agree with what my friends say that sometimes I am weird and strange when it comes to creating things although in real life I am actually a funny person and always brings smiles or generate good-hearted laughs from them. Whatever people think of me does not matter. This is a free world...even when it comes to creating. The possibilities are endless limited only by my imagination and I want to show it to the world . I know when I am doing it right and when it is wrong. 

I create, make my mind think of all the possibilities to make to sell and to help raise money and support my charity work. Some people start to doubt your charity work intentions when you start selling something but...this is what makes the world exciting. The challenges you encounter on your make a difference.

So here I am again...wearing my 'Soft Treasures' hat. My handmade business which I started 12 years ago to make a difference. Always looking for something new to create. Weird, strange, funny or unique handmade cards you possibly would not find anywhere else. Here are 2 of my latest creations which I am selling to raise funds for postage if needed or donate to my fundraising for a Dress A Girl Australia well for the people of Kalagi Uganda. Printed at home from my very old reliable printer.

1. Earth Cards. Am a great believer of saving and enjoying the earth so I made these cards as a way of showing how to do it.  'Love our Earth' handmade cards with charms that can be used and worn as necklace pendants. Everyday is earth day. Connect with nature, Breathe the Air, Go Ride a Bike, Repurpose, Replenish, Recycle, Craft and Imagine the possibilities, Give peace a chance. These are just a few of the selections I have thought about so you can enjoy the earth. The inside panel is a blank panel for your personal message. These cards sell for $3.25 each. Check them out here or click on the image below -
2. Maze Puzzle cards. Can you imagine what a headache it was trying to come up with a maze and a puzzle and a solution? LOL! but had a great time. Will make great children's party favours. With crayons, you can colour and make your own personal work of art. Instructions can be found in the inside panel of the card to solve the maze and/or puzzle. These cards sell for $2.75 each. Check them out here or click on the image below -
These cards make wonderful keepsakes. Are small treasures to keep. And don't forget that for every sale from any of these cards, you are making this world a better place for disadvantaged people. If you do not like them, you do not have to buy them but you can still help by spreading the word around about these cards. Am sure there is someone out there who would like to have one but just don't know where to find it. So please help spread the word is for a very worthwhile cause. Nothing goes to my pocket...they all go to my charity tin can.

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