Thursday, 4 September 2014

No new parcels at this time please

Good Morning all! I have been receiving lots of enquiries on dress donations. I will be starting another dress project for Christmas distribution in October and will let everyone know about the timeline. Please do not send me any dresses at this time unless it is for Project Hope Burma. I am still busy sorting and packing for Uganda and the Philippines and really don't have that much space left. Check out the only space available I have in my garage at this time. I took this last night. 

The lighting in the garage is not that good and I need to go there every now and then to get boxes etc and sometimes I step on parcels or hit corners and really hurts. The space left is not safe so hope you understand why I don't want to accept parcels at this time. Note that this is not a competition that whoever sends first gets their dresses sent first. Distribution depends on where/what is needed. If anyone feels offended that I am turning down dresses or am being very rude to donors, it is up to you. There is nothing I can do. Thank you for your understanding.

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