Sunday, 28 September 2014

Update from Distribution (Enrile Cagayam Philippines)

This is the message I got from Norie (one of my main contacts in the Phils) last night on the dresses they distributed last week - 
"Hi Gigi, we finished distributing dresses in 3 locations at Enrile
Cagayan. You could just imagine the happiness on the face of the children. Being located in far-flung area, we were told it was the first time for the children to receive this kind of gifts.
The teachers and parents in other locations are also requesting us to bring dresses to their places.
The location is about 8 hours away from the main capital of Manila. The group who travels to the location to distribute normally matches every dress with a pair of slippers and a food pack making it more special for the kids. The missionary nuns are also requesting for more dresses to give to kids in depressed areas. Hope to receive pictures soon.

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