Saturday, 20 September 2014

Dress A Girl Australia Labels

The past few days I have been brainstorming again on how to minimize my cost of running this campaign so it is sustainable. I have identified Dress A Girl Australia labels as one that could contribute to lowering cost. Instead of totally phasing out the labels, I give possible donors the option to still attached labels by printing the labels themselves. I have converted the label file into a pdf format which can be requested via email to be sent to you as an attachment and you can do the printing yourself or you can print directly from this blog.

If you decide not to put labels on your dresses that is fine with me. Especially for those dresses that do not meet the guidelines where I am being ask to drop them in charity bins, it will make the task easier for me as I do not have to remove the labels from the dresses although I would still be encountering cost doing this errand as I have to drive to the location where these charity bins are located so I still insist on guidelines.

If you want to do the printing of the labels yourself, all you have to do is go on the left navigation pane of this page, (1) locate 'Dress A Girl Forms' section, (2) locate "Print Dress A Girl Australia labels', point your mouse to the selection and 'click' your mouse. The label sheet will be displayed on your screen.
To print, make sure your paper size is 'A4'. Color should be Color and if you have the option of 'Fit to page' to select, make sure you tick on this box.

If you want to save the file on your drive, you must select the 'Downward arrow' key and select 'Download'.

If you want me to send the .pdf file to you instead, you can either send an email to or select the Request for Dress Labels in pdf format
There will be more changes as they are identified and will be published here for everyone's info. Thank you.

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