Wednesday, 10 September 2014

More Fabric Earth Cards for sale

Everyday, I would normally go for an hour's walk with my sister (except today as I was not feeling well). We go through an open field and pass through areas filled with trees. 
Looking around the environment while walking I keep on thinking there must be something in the area that I can use to create something. It is an area full of trees and birds and dead twigs thus while walking we are actually connecting with nature...walking...loving the earth.
Inspired by the scenery and the possibilities of creativity, with an appliqued bird made of fabric scraps and re-purposed to an appliqued bird perched on top of dead twigs and leaf brads below it this Fabric Earth card - Connect with Nature - Bird was conceived and expect more to come. This card is now available for sale at my handmadecards for you online shop. Proceeds from the sale of this card will fund the cost of sending at least 3 dresses to 3 disadvantaged kids anywhere in the world. 

To check it out, please click here. Some people may like it..some people won't but if it sells, it will fund a very worthwhile cause. So please help spread the word around about my handmade cards for sale.

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