Friday, 26 September 2014

Nice feedback from CDO Philipppines

When Dr Sha Azura-Pagli went back yesterday to Barangay Balubal (one of the remote areas in CDO Phils) for her weekly medical consultation/visits, this is one of the girls who was there in the clinic waiting and wearing the dress she received last month when Sha did the dress distributions in their location. And note she also came and brought with her the teddy bear that she received with the dress. Isnt that cute? And the medical personnel also observed that during their mass immunization last week most of the kids who came were wearing their dresses. 

Traced the dress and was donated by Bluebird Vintage and Boo Boo Dee. Teddy Bear am sure was by Monika Osvald who loves sending me stuff toys.She must feel joy wearing the dress and feel comforted by the teddy bear.  Thank you ladies.

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