Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Feedback Distribution #2 - Enrile Cagayan Philippines - 25-Sep-2014

Here are more pictures from the dress distribution made in Enrile Cagayan Philippines. I thought they were the same pictures I posted earlier but when I started looking at the dresses they were different. I guess too many kids just made me confused especially when you receive them in the evening and your eyes are tired.This distribution was made in one of the 3 far-flung areas. 

BATU is a small barrio with about 2000 residents mainly farmers. The place is accessible through a small rough road. The School is headed by Mrs. Vilma Vilma Tallod-Domingo with eight teachers and 400 School children. The Outreach included several presentations and the parents were also present with Capitana Adel Tanguilan. A very fun filled day for everybody. Jose Maddatu and Norie Bordador sponsored the Outreach Program. Every child that was accommodated with a dress also received a pair of new slippers and a food pack.

To see more pictures and larger and individual images of the above, please click here.

Thank you so much to Norie for providing me with the pictures of the distribution and to the rest of her group for making the distribution a reality. And thank you to the donors as well for making this distribution possible. Much appreciated.

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