Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Distribution Update

Good Day everyone! We are eight days away from Christmas and am starting to feel very excited knowing that there will be hundreds of disadvantaged children who will feel very special between now and Christmas day.

Last night I had a chat with one of the volunteers distributing dresses on behalf of Dress A Girl Australia and she said to me that she feels so grateful and happy that she is giving away dresses to the unfortunate. The feeling of being able to make a difference to the lives of these kids especially at this time of giving is something different and an experience to treasure forever (to think that she has so far only given away about 4 dresses and a couple of t-shirts and shorts for the boys)

She is starting to distribute dresses to the street kids who she sees a lot of these days asking or begging for money for Christmas. Some of them walked as far as five-10kms from where they live to get to the town proper hoping that people would give them something. She gave away 2 dresses to the 2 girls and a pair of shorts and t-shirt to the boy who looked so tired and hungry after walking under the sun. Her cousin treated them to a free lunch. Seeing the big smiles on the kids and receiving the most sincere thank you (Salamat Po) warmed her heart and is unforgettable.

What a great way to celebrate Christmas, Edna. Thank you so much for helping make a difference to the lives of a few disadvantaged children especially this christmas. Thank you for making them feel special even for just a day. I wish I could send you more but at least you will be making a few happy. Be safe. And to the donors, thank you.

** Distribution is being made in Sariaya, Quezon Philippines about 3-4 hours away from the capital city of Metro Manila Phils. Pictures will be shared when available.

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