Monday, 1 December 2014

Fundraising Drive : Hair Ties for Sale

Looking for practical items to give as presents this Christmas ? Looking for a way to make a difference this Christmas? Another way of hitting two birds with one stone. Good quality hair ties at a low price to give as a present and at the same time making a difference to a life of a disadvantaged child. Proceeds from the sale of these items will be donated to the postage fund of Dress A Girl Australia to help pay for the cost of sending dresses to any disadvantaged location anywhere in the world. These items were donated by Karen Chee to help raise funds for postage.
Now available at Dress A Girl Australia's on-line shop, these hair ties are selling for $2.00 each plus postage cost of $1.80. Note that prices in the shop are inclusive of postage costs. To check them out, please click here or click on the image above.

Please help spread the word around. Thank you.

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