Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Feedback update re Project Hope Burma Charity Drive

Sharing with everyone (especially to all those who have donated dresses to the Project Hope Burma Charity Drive) a letter from Gitta Clayton, Coordinator in AMES particularly on the Hope Project Burma. My heartfelt thank you to all the donors who made this charity drive such a big success. The letter is quite long so here is the link so everyone can have a read on the whole letter. -
Letter to Gigi from AMES

Below are the links to the articles I have written re contributions made to the Hope Project Burma including donors, link to the albums etc.
              - 15-Aug-2014  -  Dress Distribution #73B - For Project Hope Burma Parcel 2
              - 18-Sep-2014 - Dress Distribution #73C - For Project Hope Burma Parcel 3

Thank you everyone for doing such an amazing job of making a difference.

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