Saturday, 20 December 2014

Looks like I've got more money to donate....

Not sure if I mentioned this here in my blog but last week I got a confirmation email from Australia Post that I will be compensated for the cost that I incurred on the parcel that I sent to Mbale Uganda last May that got lost or never made it. Took me almost three months of negotiating and communicating and had to make sure that it was within their policy to request for assistance in tracking within six months since the parcel was sent (and this month is the sixth month or I think even more if I count from May 23) but in the end I got rewarded for my patience and diligence over this matter. I will be compensated the amount of $189.00 ($139.00 from cost of postage and $50 for the contents of the parcel.  A bit sad that the 50 handmade dresses never made it (they are irreplaceable) but at least I got back the money I paid for the postage. And since this is money that I did not expect to get I am donating the $189 to my fundraising campaign to build a well and provide clean water and give hope to the people of Kalagi Uganda.

Well, it looks like I have more to donate to the Dress A Girl Australia well fundraising campaign. A few years back I used to be very active responding to on-line surveys where you get paid at the end of the survey. This is what I did when not too busy at work or waiting for some processing to finish so I start to find ways to keep myself busy(and being an IT person I seem to find it easy to find something to do. LOL!) Then it lost its novelty and I became inactive. 

Early this week I received an email letting me know that my account has been inactive for more than two years and that it will be deleted if I do not access it to make it active. So I thought why not - just login and see if I would find it interesting again. I changed my password in the settings and that is when I found I actually had a balance in the amount of $33.00 that could be redeemed. My lucky day and thanks to my instinct convincing me to access my account I got rewarded. So here is the letter I got from pureprofile after redeeming my balance. 
I will get paid $33.00 on my nominated bank account on the 29th of December (that is next week) and this amount will go to my Dress A Girl Australia's fundraising campaign to build a well for the people of Kalagi Uganda. Another Christmas gift to my on-going project. Money that I never expected I had and I think I am trying to be active again on responding to surveys. I have just earned $5.40 since I reactivated my account and waiting for it to reached thirty bucks so I can apply for redemption. :-)


  1. Can you tell me more about this please? I have an idea that I would like to help. If I signed on for this kind of campaign and have the money directed into your fundraising I think it would be a great way to help.

    1. Hello,
      More details are available by clicking on the link below -