Thursday, 11 December 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#182 to #184 - From Jody C, Andrea M and a nameless parcel

Finally, the last parcels to be acknowledged for the year 2014 coming from Jody Clooney, Andrea McCullagh and a parcel without a name.
1) Donation #1 is a parcel of 2 dresses and 6 undies from Jody Clooney -
2) Donation #2 is a parcel of 2 dresses but unfortunately the parcel arrived without a sender's name and there was no note inside the parcel -
3) Donation #3 is a parcel of 75 dresses from Andrea McCullagh. Here is a picture of Andrea with the 75 dresses. I have run out of time to take individual pictures as they have to be sorted and packed immediately to be included in the Christmas distribution -
Ladies, thank you for the dresses. Thank you for your kindness and generosity It is much appreciated.

With this last donation acknowledgment for the year 2014, this now closes Dress A Girl Australia's activities for the year 2014. My heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported this campaign the whole year. It is so much appreciated. 

Although there will be a major shakeup/change in the way Dress A Girl Australia's activities will be run in 2015, I hope there will still be a few who would support this campaign. I will still be continuing my work but unfortunately, these changes have to be strictly implemented in order for me to sustain this charity work and I look forward to making a difference with anyone in 2015. Anyone who is truly motivated to make a difference will understand why these changes have to be made. Thank you.

Whatever good work you do, you’re bound to face problems and obstacles. Therefore, it’s important to check your motivation. It helps to be truthful and honest. If what you do is good for others, it’ll be good for you too. Once you know your goal can be reached, you should try to follow it through to the end. Then, even if you don’t achieve it, at least you’ll have no cause for regret.
  ~ Dalai Lama

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