Friday, 12 December 2014

Update on Dress A Girl Australia's 2015 plans

Good Day everyone! Again, in response to heaps of enquiries from school teachers on how they and their students can be involved in the Dress A Girl Around the World charity work. For everyone's info, the first and priority project of Dress A Girl Australia for the year 2015 is to get school teachers/students get involved thru their textile classes. This will complement my other priority project on Education without Borders 2015 for the streetkids of Metro Manila. As to whether I include other country locations on this project's distributions, this will all depend on my financial status in 2015. I will be releasing and publishing a poster and article regarding these 2 back-to-back projects next year (although I have already been collecting school supplies this year for the Education without Borders 2015 project) for more details and information in the next few weeks. Am just about to start taking a break and in the next few days that will include brainstorming so please be patient. More info will be released soon. Thank you and thank you for your understanding.

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