Saturday, 13 December 2014

Dress A Girl Australia's Final 2014 Numbers

This is Dress A Girl Australia's final count for the year 2014 dress distributions around the world -

Dresses - 3,307 
Boys Shorts - 766
T-shirts - 410
Quilts - 105
Ready to sew Kits - 42

Thank you to all the donors who contributed and made these numbers possible and my heartfelt thanks to everyone who ( through their financial support) helped in making these distributions happen. Thank you all for your kindness and generosity. Much appreciated.

With the above final FY14 numbers, Dress A Girl Australia since its inception in March 2011 has now provided 7,096 disadvantaged girls around the world with one new dress each. Here are the total numbers since March 2011 which now includes 2014 numbers -

Dresses  - 7,096
Boys Shorts - 1,693
T-shirts - 783
Quilts - 135
Ready-to-sew kits - 99

And lastly,  I also want to thank those who bought from my online shops and market stalls. Proceeds from your purchases contributed a whole lot to helping make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged kids(3,307 girls and 766 boys)  around the world and made 105 kiddies warm, gave them comfort and joy during their winter season.. Thank you so much for your patronage. Some of you especially those who purchased through markets did not realize that you were actually making a difference and making this world a better place by purchasing an item from my stall. Thank you for believing in my products. Thank you.

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