Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Update on Distribution of special gifts - Missionaries of Charity (23-Dec-2014)

Here is an update on the distribution of the special gifts to the orphans of the Missionaries of Charity, Antipolo, Philippines -
Hi, Gi! First batch of gift-giving at Missionaries of Charity this morning. Great feeling. We called the kids one by one and gave their gifts, loot bag and toys. You should see the glowing faces of those angels. Thank you very much for sharing your blessing with these kids. Some of them sang their thank yous, some mumbled and some gave us their sweetest smiles. Those are priceless images that will be remembered. At the end of the gift-giving, the bigger kids sang a thank you song. Vincent, the blind kid, sang with them and he was smiling the whole time. WE were all in heaven.
We were not allowed to have pictures taken during the gift giving but we were allowed to have our pictures taken at the venue. The baby i was holding was Francis. We were given calendars as their thank you.
The children were very nice. The bedridden girl who was on a special wheelchair was hugging her teddy bear gift. Although she could not talk, she had a beautiful smile. It was such a great feeling sharing something with these kids.
This is what I expected but still am touched with the feedback. Thank you so much to the volunteers who took their time to bring these blessings to the kids in the orphanage before Christmas and to the donors who made this distribution possible. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

To refresh one's memory, here is the link to the article on this particular distribution.

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