Saturday, 13 December 2014

Dress Distribution #79 - Christmas Distribution Parcel 1E - for Magalalag Cagayan Philippines

This is the last and final parcel for Christmas distribution and for the year 2014 and most likely the last distribution involving huge quantities of dresses. Parcel 1E of 191 dresses and 15 pairs of shorts and 9 t-shirts for the children of the remote province of Magalalag Enrile Cagayan Philippines c-o Norie Bordador. Due to time constraints, the last few parcels sent have no pictures of the actual parcels sent so I cannot post pictures of the parcels but the postage receipts should be good enough to prove that they were sent.
Here are the contents of Parcel 1E of 191 dresses and 15 shorts and 9 t-shirts -
made possible by the following donors -
1) Kylie Shepherd
2) Yve Weinberg
3) Elaine Klein
4) Monika Osvald
5) Kay Innes and the Golden Girls 2
6) Grace Chilcott and her granddaughter Makayla
7) Jody Clooney
8) Karen Chee
9) Chelsea Oliver
10) Heather Harris
11) Sharyn Cafee
12) Sarah Macraild
13) Andrea McCullagh
14) Nameless Parcel

To see larger images of the contents of the parcel, please click here or on the special 'Dress Distribution' tab at the top of the page at a later stage for feedback distribution.

Thank you to all the donors who made this distribution possible. Your kindness and generosity are much appreciated. Thank you.

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