Saturday, 1 March 2014

A couple of reminders

Good Morning to all! Work has been eating up most of my time the past two weeks with non-negotiable deadlines, I finally was able to catch up until very late last night with labels, patterns and responses to emails. This tight work schedule will be going on till end of April. 

First reminder : Just wanted to advise those who submitted for the Winter Appeal for South Africa, if you are ready with your items, to please start sending them to my postal address when you have the time. Although I already have an idea, having received the items will allow me to confirm what I already have and what I would still need and I can start putting them in the box. I intend to send the boxes towards the end of May. Thanks a lot for your contributions. Much appreciated.

Postal address is Dress A Girl Australia
                        P.O. Box 240
                        Casula Mall Casula
                        NSW 2170

All requests for patterns and labels have been posted this morning. Thank you for your patience. 

Second reminder : Labels need to be attached to the front of the dress (i.e. somewhere in the pocket area if the dress has a pocket ) and not on the neckline. Thanks!

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