Sunday, 30 March 2014

Dress A Girl Australia Dress Distribution volunteers

From now on if pictures are available I would be posting the individuals or groups of people who spare their time distributing dresses, pairs of shorts and other accessories on behalf of Dress A Girl Australia. I think you have seen pictures of the group of university students from CDO, the lady from India and the pastor from Widows of Africa and about a year ago some friends from the Qantas Cabin Crew team and from Uganda. I think I even have a picture of the lady who distributed the quilts to the kiddies in Romania.

This time I want to share with you a picture of a group of missionaries and volunteers headed by Norie Bordador who have been busy distributing dresses in various locations in the Philippines on behalf of Dress A Girl Australia. So far they have distributed about 400 dresses and would be doing more in the summer months to come. I think it is just me who cannot keep up with their pace. :-)
I will be creating a special album for these special group of people and share the link on this site in the near future. My way of saying thank you for doing such a great job of making the less fortunate children happy and making this world a wonderful place to live for everyone.

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