Wednesday, 5 March 2014

New items added in shop

In order to raise money for the cost of sending dresses to different less fortunate locations around the world for the year 2014, I have added new lavender items for sale in the e-shop donated by Lynette Granger. I have also added a new section for Gifts for Baby.

To purchase the lavender bags, please click here or click on the image below.
To checkout the new Gifts for Baby section, please click here or click on the image below. Available at this time is the D-I-Y Baby Handprint Kit which gives a lasting impression of baby's hand. Save your baby's precious handprint forever with a high-quality lasting impression.
More items will be made available for purchase in the next few weeks. Proceeds from the sale of any items on this e-shop goes straight to the postage fund of Dress A Girl Australia. The more items the shop sells, the more disadvantaged girls gets to own and wear new dresses. So please help spread the word around of the items for sale in Dress  A Girl Australia's shop. I know a lot of you are asking how you can help aside from sewing and donating dresses. Spreading the word around about this shop will be a big help and highly appreciated. Thank you.

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