Saturday, 29 March 2014

FY14 Charity Drive - Arts & Craft & School Supplies Donation #4

These Indi Kindi kids are going to have the time of their lives drawing and colouring or learning new skills even with just the box of supplies I have collected for them. On Monday I am going to be bringing with me my bag full of crayons, pencils, sharpeners and rulers, art papers and picture books. If only I can spare the time I have 3 panels left of the very old Teacher's Pets - A learning book I can make them into clothbooks for them.  It is intended primarily for children aged 2-6 and will help to teach them basic skills and concepts such as counting, alphabet, comparatives, shapes and colors and is filled with adorable animals and useful information. Maybe I will just do that one of these nights.

Anyway, here is another box full of arts and craft supplies, school supplies, play and learn books from Carolyn Walker, Karina Tomlinson, Pam of Threading my Way's mum and Dawn Manser, Pam Baber and Myf Macfarlane of Swan Hill Victoria. I've also put in another 3 sets of the big sized colouring pencils. These big sized pencils are supposed to teach you how to hold a pencil properly and write clearly. Maybe its true...maybe not but am sure whoever gets to hold one will have a fun-full of drawing and writing day.
Again, a wholehearted thank you Ladies for your kindness and generosity. With your contributions, you are making a difference to the lives of these children, helping break the cycle of Indigenous destitution through the Indi Kindi campaign of the Nangala project.

For more details and/or information of the Nangala Project's Indi Kindi campaign, please click here.

And here is the almost 4-kilo bag full of educational materials I will be handcarrying to work on Monday and another one on Tuesday - in addition to my normal work-day bag . The weight will be interesting....but anything to make kids happy.  :-)

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