Tuesday, 4 March 2014

FY14 Charity Drive - Arts & School Supplies #1 - From Mo and Dress A Girl Australia

Am starting to open parcels especially if I know the parcels contain items for the South Africa Winter Appeal and the Indi_Kindi project. First on the list are a bunch of colouring pencils from Mo O'Brien. And while looking for something to dispose in my garage a few months ago I found a bunch of notepads and a packet of Crayola Brush Tips which I decided to keep as they might come in handy in the future. And I was right.
Just when I decided to take them to work this morning, one of the trains did an unscheduled maintenance at Holsworthy station and created a confusion on which trains where going where. I had to board and then get off  a train three times since what they had on the electronic board was different from what was announced on the train which was bad news for me as I had an extra heavy bag to carry as the notepads were heavy. It took me an hour and a half to get to work when normally only takes half-an-hour. Anyway, I got all these supplies piled up in my locker at work now and will be put in a box once I receive the box to use and so with the rest of what I will be able to collect.

To Mo, thank you so much for the art supplies. These kids for some unexplainable reasons seem to enjoy drawing and colouring so am sure they will enjoy each and every pencil on this bunch. Thank you.

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