Sunday, 9 March 2014

FY14 Charity Drive - Arts & School Supplies #2 - From Monika and Dress A Girl Australia

Second batch of art supplies for the Indi_Kindi project which I am collecting is from Monika Osvald for the kids of Borroloola, NT to enjoy. 
Also, this year I am saving up for a lot of school supplies such as exercise books and pens which I will distribute mid of this year to selected schools around Asia. Since I cannot afford to sponsor a child on a monthly basis to go to school, I thought providing school supplies every now and then will be good enough to compensate for it. Last week after checking out my fly buy points and found out that I had accumulated points enough to buy $10.00 worth of school supplies, I bought exercise books and pens which were on its final days of sale. I was able to buy 32 exercise books and 5 packs of pens which had 10 pens on each pack. Quite a good value for money which I saved up from grocery shopping. And also I received 2 packs of rulers and 2 sharpeners from Monika. Here are the items that is now starting to fill up my school supplies' box -
To Monika, thank you for the rulers and sharpeners. It is much appreciated.

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