Sunday, 9 March 2014

Feedback on Dress Distribution from Bohol Philippines

Dress distribution was done last Feb 25 in Bohol Philippines by Norie Bordador and group in the open grounds of the Cambigsi Elementary School. It was a day of fun and delight for almost 200 children who were so eager to receive new dresses according to Norie. They all loved their new dresses and for some whose parents were with them, they got teary-eyed seeing their kids getting new dresses. Here are some pictures from the distribution and am not really sure how they all managed to control the kids to have such an organized distribution. It was also the day where every kid got free lunch.

And this is Norie upon arrival in Bohol with the parcels of dresses -
My wholehearted thank you to Norie and the group who travelled with her to Bohol and the teachers and local residents who helped make the distribution possible. Thank you so much.

For larger and individual images of the distribution, please click here.

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