Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Donation to Days for Girls (Oatley Sydney Chapter)

After careful consideration about a month ago that I will not be able to offer my assistance in distributing Days for Girls Kits to different needy locations around the world as some chapters in the US who are involved in the Dress A Girl Around the World campaign in the US do, I thought I would just make a personal contribution to the organization. The 100% quilting cottons of about 10 meters are from my personal fabric collection and the 10 metres PUL I purchased with the intention of donating to Days for Girls Oatley. I have also included some excellent towelling materials which they can make into face towels. Am sure it will not be that hard to sew face towels. These towelling materials I used to make teddy bears with it.
Here is the 10-kilo parcel I packed last night to be sent to Beverley de Meur of Oatley –
and here are the contents of the parcel.
1) 10 metres of PUL materials
2) About 10 metres or more of 100% quilting cotton materials
3) About 6 metres of towelling materials
4) 1 box of 100 extra large resealable bags
5) 4 packs of 4 mini laundry soaps per pack

I hope these materials will be good enough for the organization to use to make more kits. These items will be sent to the Days for Girls Oatley chapter in Sydney as soon as I have the chance to take it to the postoffice.

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