Saturday, 29 March 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#34 - Accessories from Pam, Monika, Sarah and Carol

I think I like combining posting of similar items being donated and just split them by category such as dresses and pairs of shorts or dress accessories or arts & craft supplies or quilts or by charity drive. Not really sure though if it makes the job quicker but does saves space. :-)

Anyway, this category is new which I call dress accessories. It could be anythng from fabric tote bags, undies and small toys and handmade softies which I include as extras to dresses when making a distribution. Light items that do not add that much weight to parcels. In the future this will also include items which every now and then I get to receive from generous donors to sell in order to raise money for postage.  Maybe am just too organize and creating more work for myself!! But being organized sometimes makes things easier for me especially when it is time to pack. :-)

Donation #34 are small tote bags from Pam of Threading My Way (10), string bags from Monika Osvald (44), undies from Carolyn Walker and Sarah Tanmahapran and small softies from Monika.  
Thank you so much Ladies for your kindness and generosity. The time and effort you spend making these small items is very much appreciated and for some kids finding new pairs of undies in the dresses' pockets or being handed a mini toy or softy makes them giggle more. Thank you for making this world a wonderful place for the less fortunate children. Much appreciated.

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