Monday, 17 March 2014

FY14 Charity Drive - Arts & School Supplies #3 - From karina and Dress A Girl Australia

Every Monday I always carry with me to work something for Dress  A Girl Australia. It can be bundles of envelopes containing dress labels to post at lunchtime and the past two Mondays since I started collecting arts and school supplies, a bag full of supplies to fill up my collection box at work. I have to bring them to work as it is where the collections are being picked up including those donated by colleagues. 

This morning, I brought with me a bag full of supplies from Karina Tomlinson and from me a few more items of school supplies and colouring books. I had a delightful time buying the books as they cost twenty-five cents each. I wish I could see the kids enjoying every minute of learning, drawing and colouring without any limitation.
To Karina, thank you so much for the supplies. With this bundle, the possibilities for creativity becomes endless for these less fortunate children. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. It is so much appreciated.

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