Saturday, 29 March 2014

Donation Acknowledgements FY14/#26 to 32 - From a group of 7 wonderful ladies

I better start my donation acknowledgements and finish by 8:30pm if I am to join the Earth Hour campaign. Since there are only 7 acknowledgements to make I am again combining all acknowledgements in one posting and I think it does save me a few minutes. Not that much but still helps. 

This time from a group of 7 wonderful ladies - Sharron Arnold, Monika Osvald, Eileen Brogan, Pam of Threading My Way, Sarah Macraild, Sarah Tanmahapran and Vanya Bryant. Please note that these acknowledgements are only for dresses and pairs of shorts. Separate acknowledgements will be made for the other items such as for the winter appeal program, arts and craft supplies, dress accessories and even handmade toys. And also this posting closes my collection of donations for the month of March.

1) Donation #26 is from Sharron Arnold - a parcel of 19 dresses and 12 pairs of shorts -
2) Donation #27 is a bunch of 7 dresses and 3 pairs of shorts from Monika Osvald -
3) Donation #28 is a parcel of 10 dresses from Eileen Brogan -
4) Two dresses from Pam of Threading My Way is Donation #29 -
5) Donation #30 is from Sarah Macraild. Here is Sarah with her 4 dresses and a pair of shorts. She thanks her mum for leaving her some beautiful materials which she can make into dresses, her husband for giving her a great sewing machine and God for giving her sewing skills -
6) Donation #31 is a parcel of 5 dresses from Sarah Tanmahapran -
7) And last but not the least is Donation #32 from Vanya Bryant who can't seem to stop sewing. 13 dresses and 3 pairs of shorts this time -
A wholehearted thank you to all of you who made these dresses possible...for keeping the dream alive of owning at least one dress and perhaps a new pair of shorts for some less fortunate children around the world. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. Thank you for bringing more smiles and happy faces into this world through the dresses and pairs of shorts you make. It is much appreciated.

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