Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A heartwarming ending on my distribution plans

After getting confirmation from possible dress recipients, I have added two more locations on my list. A heartwarming ending after spending so many, many hours and nights of networking and making connections. This job is 500% more difficult than my actual day job but very rewarding.

I think I would need 3 more locations then my distribution planning for the year 2014 is done. Then I need to focus on my sewing as I intend to sew 100 dresses for the year 2014 but this is still blurry. I still cannot see the starting line. And if lucky this year, the more sales I make from my shop, the more dresses I can give, the more smiles I can get.

Also, this year I intend to collect more arts and school supplies and possibly about 200 bags or totes that can be used as school bags. My funds are limited and my travel plans for this year are quite expensive...but life is short...we sometimes need to enjoy life in order to have a life.... so it is quite difficult for me to commit to sponsoring a child on a monthly basis to go to school but I can definitely provide some arts and school supplies on a staggering basis.

I have no target number of dresses to receive or distribute this year. I just do what I can do, focus on what I want to do.

Wish me luck in 2014!

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