Monday, 31 March 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#35 - 50 t-shirts from heyboom

Around August of last year my sister Joan Wolf of heyboom brought me a parcel which was supposed to have 50 t-shirts inside. These t-shirts I would have used to make into t-shirt dresses. (She supplies all the t-shirts I used to make into t-shirt dresses). But when I opened the parcel it only had 31 pcs inside. It turned out that she actually splitted them into 2 parcels and one was left behind in Oman where she lives with Andre her husband who works over there. Yesterday she handed over the remaining 19 t-shirts -now I cannot remember if I actually acknowledged the 31 last year but they still are intact, still in the same packaging. And also now I have 50 t-shirts to make into t-shirt dresses for the rest of the year.
Thank you Joan Wolf. Here is one of the t-shirt dresses I made in 2012 from the first batch of 50 t-shirts you brought worn by one of the girls from India. I was told that she loves the dress so much she wants to wear it everyday. She reminds me of our neighbour Vimla who used to ride with us when Daddy used to take us to school everyday. Vimla unfortunately passed away last year.

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