Saturday, 22 March 2014

Donation Acknowledgement FY14/#8 to 12 - Donations from LakesAnglican Quilting Group, Sharon, Lyn, Karina and Bett

This is so much quicker. :-) Acknowledging the second batch of five donations to Dress A Girl Australia made between the months of January and March of last week -

1) Donation #8 is from the LakesAnglican Quilting Group of Kanwal NSW sent in to me by Jean Knowles. This group used to be known as the Quilting Group of the Church of the Holy Spirit. This is a parcel of 15 little dresses -
2) Donation #9 is from Sharron Arnold - 8 dresses and 3 pairs of boys' shorts
3) Donation #10 is from Lyn Granger - 16 pairs of boys shorts, 9 dresses and 1 girl's skirt. The parcel also came with one more lavender bag for postage raising. This time the postage of the parcel was paid for by MaryAnn Conway of Kiama Downs. MaryAnn always helps  for this great cause.
and the lavender bag -
4) Donation #11 came from Karina Tomlinson - a parcel of 20 dresses -
5) and last but not the least is Donation #12 from Bett Holmes - a parcel of 18 dresses -
Again, thank you so much, Ladies for all the wonderful donations. Thank you all for your kindness and generosity. It is so much appreciated. Thanks!

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