Sunday, 30 March 2014

FY14 South Africa Winter Appeal 2014 Batch 4 - More sets and other accessories for the winter program.

Wow!! Kindness and generosity  and the willingness of others to help make a difference to the lives of the less fortunate children and make this world a better place is overflowing here at Dress A Girl Australia. I feel like singing my favourite song 'What a wonderful world'.

This I believe would be the last batch for the winter appeal program for South Africa as I need to complete my packing and seal the boxes so it can be sent. Unfortunately, I cannot extend the date when I want to send the parcels. For this batch, complete winter sets from Karin Maltby(2), Marlene Van Zetten(2) and Carolyn Walker(1), hooded long sleeved shirts from Natasha Clarke of Sgt Floyd(11), two pairs of leggings from Monika Osvald and 14 beanies from Sandra Turnbull(10), Sarah Tanmahapran(2) and Vanya Bryant(2).And with the number of extras I received on singlets, beanies, pairs of socks and hooded and non-hooded long sleeved t-shirts I was able to create another set of 15 or 16 (I think! Sorry, was too tired to go back and count late last night but could be either of this number). Here are the contents of this final batch -
A wholehearted thank you once again to Karin, Marlene, Carolyn, Natasha, Monika, Sandra, Sarah and Vanya and to all the other donors previously acknowledged for all your wonderful contributions to this appeal thus making it a complete success. Thank you so much for the time, money and effort you all spent making these donations. It is so much appreciated. This posting closes off my Winter Appeal for South Africa charity drive. Heaps and heaps of thanks everyone!!

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